Lucar-Piedra Lobera (Sierra Lucar)

Surroundings: Cortijo del Rito (Lúcar), Rambla de Lúcar (La Almaceta), Majada Las Vacas, Piedra Lobera Viewpoint, Puerto Antennas,
Risca del Puerto, Return by track to the Cortijo del Rito.

Technical data:
Path type: Path, Path.
Distance: 15KM
Time: 4:52 a.m.
Minimum height: 1222 m
Maximum height: 1722 m
Positive slope: 630 m
Negative unevenness: 630 m
Difficulty: Medium

Piedra Lobera is a cliff located on the Lúcar peak (1,722 m) Sierra de Lúcar, which in turn is part of the
Betic System and the Alto Almanzora region. Piedra Lobera is a limestone formation with steep walls
that stand out in the landscape.

Its legendary name comes from oral tradition, which tells that it was in this place where
they exterminated the last specimens of wolves that existed in these mountains.

Piedra Lobera is home to an important flora adapted to the environmental conditions, characterized by frost,
the low rainfall, the strong winds and the prolonged insolation, as well as the stony ground.

Some of its species are endemic, such as Arenaria tomentosa, also highlighting the Pyrenean honeysuckle
(Lonicera pyrenaica) or peony.

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