Sky Observation and Planetarium Session (night time)

The Serón Planetarium is an ideal cultural and didactic place to learn and enjoy Astronomy. We have a Planetarium, an Astronomical Observatory and a room for workshops and talks, in a location that is easy to reach, quiet and beautiful, ideal for spending an evening.

Activity to develop (only at night. 2 hours approx.)

  • Sky Observation

Before beginning the observation of the sky, we will learn to recognize the constellations visible on the date, as well as to orient ourselves with the stars and to distinguish the main objects in the sky with the naked eye. Once inside the observatory we will see how a completely robotic astronomical observatory works and we will observe some objects through the eyepiece. Through a specialized camera we will take images of some beautiful deep sky objects present (which can be taken as souvenirs) and we will make a projection in the conference room.

  • Planetarium Session

In the planetarium we will expand our observation of the sky, even being able to travel to some of the places we have seen with the telescope. The planetarium is a 3D simulator that allows us to explore the Universe in a didactic and comfortable way.

To hire this activity:

Serón Planetarium
619 456 368

  • 30€/Person and 15€ children under 12 years
  • Minimum to do the activity 60€
  • Maximum 25 people
  • Duration of the activity: 2 hours approx.
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