Serón has Nazari origin, notable for its houses with white facades, narrow and steep streets and for the kindness that its neighbors present with tourists and travelers, the tranquility and the fresh air that you can breathe here. This municipality is known for the quality and flavor offered by its sausages and hams.

To start we suggest a visit to the Serón Castle, built in the Nasrid period, in the 13th century. It was built to serve as a defensive fortress and refuge. In the 20th century, a tower with a neo-Mudejar style clock was built in the castle, located in the highest part of Serón. From the top of it you get magnificent panoramic views of the Almanzora valley and part of the province of Granada. Although it can only be visited externally, you can not miss it.

Then we will go to the church of the Annunciation. It was built in the seventeenth century, in Mudejar style, rectangular, inside is composed of 3 naves separated by pillars. It has been declared a National Artistic Historical Monument since 1983.

Real Street is located in the center of Serón, it is the most singular street of the town and in it you can contemplate its traditional houses with white facades.

To make a stop on the road you have to go through Abacería los Arrieros, a shop / bar that offers local products (hams, sausages, wine, oil, canned vegetables, cheeses and other products from the region and province), organic, Fair and select trade. In addition, in the store, you can find handicrafts and contemporary art exhibitions.

Now you take the car and you move to the area of ​​the train station to see the old railway buildings that were part of the railway infrastructure. Today these buildings are used as an auditorium, exhibitions and a restaurant. Another of the buildings is the Estación de los Cuentos, a small museum dedicated to the book, to the story, a tribute to orality, to the word, giant books, rare and curious tales of the world.

All this set of buildings are located next to the ore loading, which was so important at another time when the iron ore mines were the economic engine of the region.

The old route of the train track has been reconverted into the Vía Verde del Hierro. With a length of almost 12km you can go hiking or biking.

If you come to Serón it is inevitable to buy ham, sausages, cheese, oil or vegetables from the garden (Abacería los Arrieros).

To eat in Serón you have a very varied offer:

La Posada del Candil, Plaza Nueva Restaurant, Square Restaurant, Pinchitos Bar.

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