Who says you can’t do an EIGHT THOUSAND in Almeria?

The Almanzora Route 8MIL is a spectacular route where you can enjoy impressive views and you would feel like the king/queen for a while since you will have the province of Almeria at your feet. If the day is clear you can see Sierra Nevada, both the Almeria part and the Veleta, Sierra Alhamilla, Sierra de las Estancias, Sierra de Maria, Sierra de Baza, Jabalcón which is the Zujar mountain, Sierra de Castril, Sierra de la Sagra and of course the entire Sierra de los Filabres. If you find yourself on a cloudy day, you may see a sea of clouds, it is very common to find clouds below 2000 meters and they look like a great carpet that usually covers the valleys. Whether it is cloudy or clear, the experience is magnificent.


Whether you are staying in Bacares, Las Menas, Serón or any town in the Almanzora Valley, we recommend that you do the route in an anti-clockwise direction. You can start at the top of Calar del Gallinero located at 2052 meters, to reach this top you have to take the A-339, the road from Serón to Gergal, after passing the Bacares crossroads, at kilometer 22 there is a track to the right going up to the top. The track is usually fine. It is incredible how you can get so high to a secluded area with impressive views and with the car to the very top.


After enjoying the views for a while, we take the path that takes us back to the road and head towards Calar Alto. In the middle of the domes of the Astronomical Observatory, next to the largest dome, you have a mountain of rocks with the Geodesic Vertex (a concrete pillar) that indicates the highest peak (2168 meters) of the plateau of the entire field of Observatory, the place is incredible, it seems from another galaxy


After spending some time enjoying the surroundings of the Astronomical Observatory, you return to the Serón-Gergal road, continue a little towards Gergal to take the track that is on the left and that goes over the top of the Sierra de los Filabres towards the road from Velefique-Bacares, this section will surprise you, it is a path through pine forests, it does not have asphalt but it is usually fine although it has sections with some potholes. There are approximately 12 kilometers that you do slowly and enjoying the scenery. Before reaching the middle of the road, you pass next to Cima Las Hoyas, you have a large area to leave the car on both sides of the track. In 10 minutes walking you reach the top (2015 meters), you will be surprised with the difference in altitude on the south face of the mountains and with the spectacular views of the Bacares valley located between the highest peaks of Los Filabres. From Las Hoyas you can see Sierra Nevada and El Veleta, Sierra Alhamilla and some mountains in the north of the province of Granada.


Then you return to the car and continue enjoying the path between pine trees that takes you to the Velefique road, at that junction you continue towards Tetica de Bacares, the road is narrow but paved. The views are once again impressive, La Tetica (2080 meters) with its gigantic antennas, can be seen from hundreds of kilometers around and therefore from the top the views are to stay with your mouth open admiring the landscape, going round and round In the circular viewpoint at the top, trying to guess which side offers you the most incredible panoramic view.

If you return to Bacares to eat, or to Las Menas, Serón, Tijola or any town in the Almanzora Valley, you will have completed an experience that you will surely not forget and of course you will also have managed to do the 8MIL of Almanzora.

Cheer up and go for your first 8 THOUSAND!!

Video 360 of the 4 peaks of the 8 THOUSAND of Almanzora




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