Purchena has a rich historical heritage dating back to Roman times and the period of Al Andalus, and was the seat of the court of Aben Humeya, leader of the Moorish rebellion against the Christians. The remains of the Alcazaba de Purchena, a fortress that overlooked the valley and had a water tower inside, date back to this period.


Church of San Ginés

One of the most emblematic monuments in Purchena is the church of San Ginés, built in the 15th century on the site of a former mosque. The church has a single nave with side chapels and a square bell tower. In addition to its beautiful architecture, the church has a collection of religious art which is of great interest. In 1983 this church was declared a historic-artistic monument by the Junta de Andalucía.


Hiking routes and Silveria viewpoint

Purchena also offers visitors beautiful natural landscapes that invite you to enjoy the outdoors and practice activities such as hiking, cycling or climbing. From the Silveria viewpoint you can contemplate a panoramic view of the village and the Almanzora valley, as well as the surrounding mountain ranges. The municipality has several signposted routes that allow you to discover its most picturesque corners, such as the Ruta Purchena and its surroundings, which runs through the historic quarter and its surroundings; the Ruta San Ginés ˋˋEl Chorreor”, which follows the current of the river Almanzora; the Ruta El Gurullo, which runs along the Rambla de Almería; the Ruta Gevas, where you can see a centuries-old olive grove; or the Ruta El Campillo, where we will walk through the Sierra de las Estancias.

Mirador de la Silveria


Aben Humeya Moorish Games


But if there is one thing that distinguishes Purchena it is its cultural and festive tradition, which is manifested in its numerous events and celebrations throughout the year. Of particular note are the Moorish Games of Aben Humeya de Purchena, which are held every two years in July and recreate medieval times with shows, markets, workshops and sporting competitions inspired by the ancient Arab games. In the town hall you can visit rooms dedicated to the Moorish Games where you can see what this significant event meant for the municipality. Other important fiestas are those of San Ginés, patron saint of the town, which take place in August; San Marcos, which is celebrated in April with a pilgrimage; or the Carnival, which features a large parade and a fancy dress competition.


Purchena is undoubtedly an ideal destination for lovers of history, culture and nature. A charming village that offers visitors a unique and unforgettable experience, what are you waiting for to discover it?

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