Partaloa will surprise you with a rather picturesque landscape with numerous huge stone blocks that seem to threaten the town’s buildings. It is about the phenomenon of “Los Desplomes or Derrumbes“, with immense conglomerates of stone that “threaten” the town hanging from the hillside.

The route begins at the roundabout that gives access to the town, where you can admire a sculpture with the head of a wolf that stands out, it is beautiful and carved in one piece. The wolves are part of the name of the town, previously called “Partaloba”. In that same area you have impressive views of the Desplomes. Then you go to the viewpoint to see that wonderful landscape. In it you can enjoy incredible 360º views. Then you go down to the town and explore it on foot. There is no better way to get to know a town than to walk through it, so you will discover precious corners.

If you like hiking, I suggest you do the Ciscarico Strait tour, a super-narrow pass in the boulevard of the same name that will become a little adventure. If you prefer the BTT bicycle, I propose a simple route making a tour to the hamlet of Piedra Amarilla, Cerro Gordo and back to Partaloa.

Whatever you do, what you should not miss is a horseback ride, you will feel like a cowboy for a day. There are ranches near the town and they offer you a walk with a picnic at sunset, definitely the best ending for a trip.

You know, your next getaway… Partaloa!!

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