From Macael we take a road that climbs the slopes of the Barranco del Agua (Sierra de los Filabres), to the small town of Laroya.

Turns and turns of the road that allow you to gain height, crossing an environment where some isolated farmhouses stand out.

Suddenly this small town appears before us, sheltered in a corner of the mountain. Only a few houses make it up, highlighting above all the church.

We encourage you to leave your car at the entrance of the town, since it becomes useless in the tiny streets that make it up. At the entrance to the town you can find a large circular threshing floor that serves as a parking lot.

Tour this tiny hamlet and admire this secluded corner of the Sierra de los Filabres, where its people still work the terraces that surround the village.

When you get to the other part of the town and to complete this experience, look for the path of the Sendero de los Molinos and enter it. Listen to the sounds of Sierra and enjoy the peace and quiet.

The furthest point where we arrive is the Balsa del Común (1 km from the town), the road is beautiful and unlike any route you can do in Laroya, where you always go up and then down or the other way around, on this route and if you come back where you have gone to the Raft, you will go completely flat, so you can enjoy it with children and adults.

If you want to spice up the walk a bit, we invite you to go back up a bit to the Era de las Viñas, and thus you will be able to see another wonderful perspective of Laroya, this time from above.

Happy experience of peace!!

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