Calar Alto Observatory

The Bacares-Gergal Astrophysical Observatory is located in Calar Alto, on a 2168 m high plateau in the Sierra de los Filabres (Almería, Spain). It is one of the most fascinating places for those seeking to explore the universe and marvel at the beauty of the night sky. With a privileged location in the sierra, this observatory is one of the best in Europe and offers a unique experience for astronomy lovers.

It also boasts an impressive collection of state-of-the-art telescopes and equipment that allow visitors to explore the universe in a detailed and precise way. The observatory has a host of educational programmes that are ideal for those looking to learn more about the universe and astronomy in general. These activities are available by prior reservation.

One of the most popular programmes is the night tours, where visitors can enjoy a unique stargazing experience in a completely dark environment. During these visits, the observatory’s experts explain the basics of astronomy and physics, guiding visitors through an exploration of the universe.


Viewpoint of Bacares Castle

If you were surprised by the visit to the observatory, you can’t miss and fall in love with the Mirador del Castillo de Bacares, located on top of a hill overlooking the village, the viewpoint is built on the remains of the castle, a medieval fortress of Muslim origin that was renovated by the Christians after the reconquest. Although it is in ruins, its walls, towers and cisterns can still be seen. From the castle you can enjoy magnificent views of the natural surroundings.


Santo Cristo del Bosque

The Parish Church of Santa María was built in 1502. The Mudejar-style coffered ceiling, of great beauty, stands out. Here you can admire the carving of the Santo Cristo del Bosque, an image highly venerated in the region and in the province every 14 September.


Nature Tourism

Bacares is also an ideal destination for nature lovers and active tourism. Its municipal district offers numerous hiking, cycling and mountain routes through the Filabres mountain range, where you can enjoy spectacular scenery and a wide variety of flora and fauna. In addition, Bacares has a natural swimming pool formed by the river Barrancón, where you can cool off in summer.


All in all, the Bacares Observatory is an ideal destination for anyone who wants to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience. With stunning views both day and night, the observatory is a destination not to be missed. Don’t hesitate any longer and come and discover Bacares, a town that will surprise you with its beauty, history and atmosphere.

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