The beauty of Cantoria stands out for the tradition and culture that it continues to maintain until today; its music, patron saint festivals and the archaeological and architectural variety it possesses make it an enriching town full of life. The warmth and simplicity of its inhabitants will make you enjoy this experience to the fullest and learn first-hand the stories of each corner.

Here are 3 reasons to get to know Cantoria by visiting three key points in the municipality: the Parish Church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, the Hermitage of San Cayetano and San Antón and the Almanzora Palace. To make the first tour, the ideal is to leave the car parked at the entrance of the town, next to the doctor’s office, it is a good parking area and you can quickly connect with the main avenue of the town. You will continue until you reach the intersection of the town hall square and the busiest bar area; there you can stop for breakfast on the terrace of the D’Dulce pastry shop and contemplate part of the parish.


The current church was built during the 19th century on top of an old renaissance church, however; What stands out the most about it is its interior, since it gives the sensation of being inside a cathedral and not a church. Some of the paintings that it preserves come from the Prado Museum.


To continue on our journey towards the Hermitage of San Cayetano and San Antón we will have to return to the town hall square and go up the street that we are in front of, the walk can take about 15 minutes up a slope that will take us to the top of the town. As you ascend, you will see the small houses that are found between alleys and in the highest areas of the town. When you get to the last stairs you will find yourself facing the Hermitage, a small baroque-style temple built in the 18th century, in honor of San Idelfonso, where you can find the carvings of the city’s patron saints and one of the best views of the entire village; you will be able to appreciate all its beauty and its surroundings.


On the last tour you must leave the town to continue to the town of Almanzora, about 5 Km from Cantoria, where the well-known Almanzora Palace is located. If you want to have a drink before continuing, we recommend you visit the Skylab cafeteria that is located at the end of the town. To continue the journey you must take the car and take the road that will take you to Almanzora.

Later on you will cross the iron bridge, built in the 1920s over the Almanzora riverbed and follow the direction signs to the district, once you arrive in Almanzora, you have to continue along the main street until you find the Grand palace. This monument dates from the 16th century and is one of the most significant neoclassical monuments in Almería. Despite being in ruins, it has been considered an Andalusian historical-artistic heritage since 1982.

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