History and origin of Purchena
Many people are aware of Purchena, even if it is for those of whom one of the old gates of the city of Almería the most important was called by this name, which is certainly indicative of the role that Purchena had in the past. And it is true, Purchena is one of the most precious and venerated jewels of our province. Villapalos calls it the pearl of the Almanzora.
The town of Purchena is nowadays a wonderful and tranquil town of 56,8 km2 and about 1,700 inhabitants. Its population density hardly exceeds 30 hab./km2. It is located in the heart of the Almanzora basin, surrounded by orchards and sheltered by the ruins of its old Islamic citadel. Their people are hospitable, their women beautiful, their corners endearing. Nobody is an outsider in Purchena, there anybody feels on their own land. In fact, Purchena is also commonly known by the epithets of an open and captivating city, because the one who visits it once, then will return many ..
A “history” with capital letters
It is a territory full of history, legends and mysteries. Everywhere there are archaeological remains, of all cultures. Luis Siret already walked through Purchena in the 1890s, exploring its deposits. Of the Copper Age there is a real city in the Churuletes, with its walled enclosure and its great necropolis. Siret extracted from the corridor dolmens there exist the most beautiful companion vessels that the National Archaeological Museum holds, and almost twenty idolillos of slate, marble and calcareous stone. The settlement extended to Jocaya, the Lamp Bridge, the Llanos de la Atalaya …

In the same mountain of the Alcazaba have appeared mills of hand, stone axes, punzones of bone, vessels, etc., pertaining to moments immediate to the birth of the culture of the Argar, there by the years 2500-2000 a. C. Of the Roman time have been several villae, as it happens in Onegas or in the left side of the ramp of Huitar.
During the kingdom of taifas of Almeria is when in the Islamic world some celebrities particularly poets born in Purchena, such as Abu Muhammad ibn Abd Allah ibn Jalis, Ibn Aiyas Al-Tujibi, or the great Abu Berkr Ibn Thofail, who became a doctor And secretary of the Almohad Sultan Abd al-Mumin.
Purchena, today
The decade of 1990 seems to be definitive for Purchena to recover its role as a former administrative center of Alto Almanzora. Again is head of Judicial Party with Court of First Instance and Instruction. It also has other services such as Notary, Property Registry, Agrarian Extension Service, Regional Chamber of Commerce, Civil Guard, and recently has been granted an Institute of Secondary Education.
In another order of things, its infrastructure is completed with a Library, Sports Center, Municipal Swimming Pool, Silver Mountain Mountain Recreation Area, School Workshop, Physically handicapped workshop, Municipal Hotel (under construction), Museum of Islamic Archeology, Local Radio, etc. . To this we should add the deep cultural significance that has made this city since 1993 in one of the venues of the Summer Courses of the Complutense University. Every year there are many intellectuals and hundreds of students who are surprised to discover the magic of this land, and they become ambassadors of the same. This administrative and cultural resurgence joins a new economic thrust.


  • Iglesia de San Ginés.
  • Castillo
  • Ermita de la Virgen del Carmen

Iglesia de San Ginés: Built in the sixteenth century, it has been declared Historical-Artistic Monument. Decorated with coats of arms on the façade, inside are 17th century frescoes, a beautiful Mudejar roof and an important silver embossed shrine.

Castillo: Don Juan of Austria ordered to destroy the citadel in the sixteenth century, so today there are only remains of houses, a cistern, a bathroom, the wall and a two-storey tower with a mine of water that feeds the cistern.

Ermita de la Virgen del Carmen: Built on the remains of an old hermitage of the sixteenth century. In this same century was installed the statue of the Heart of Jesus.



Purchena Frit, based on tomatoes and peppers

Cod meatballs


Rice with cod and beans

Wheat pot

Wheat crumbs

Easter Potaje

Porridge with beans

Porridge with Roasted Peppers


Homemade Mantecados

Butter pies



Fried Doughnuts

Leaflets Eggs to Snow



Mistela (drunk made from coffee and anise)

Quince liqueur

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