Nature and Laroya become synonyms for all those who know this corner of the Sierra de Los Filabres. You just have to walk through any of its places to realize that it is a great opportunity to enjoy an ecosystem rich in vegetation and native fauna that will delight nature lovers. And to unite all its places, Laroya has a network of different roads and beautiful trails to enjoy a cultural and natural experience like no other. Since 2010, these trails have been recognized by all those who want to venture into them:

The PR-A 372 in Reúl Alto is a route that recovers old roads, which were in disuse, had even partially disappeared and communicated the town with the bordering populations entering the Sierra de los Filabres. 13.4 km of magnificent landscapes, trees, fountains and roads. A circular route that also has two healthy routes of 3500 and 5500 steps. This path runs very close to the places where the famous “Fuegos de Laroya” are developed, some unexplained phenomena of 1945 considered as the first X file of Spain.

The PR-A 366, or Route of the mills, allows the walkers to contemplate the remains of the old mills and water uses that exerted an important work in the daily life of past times. A circular route of 8.5 km with places as beautiful as the one known as the Balsa del Común.

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