The Palacio del Almanzora is a most outstanding neoclassical building in the province of Almería. It had its origin in the 18th century when, in the marquisate of Los Vélez, it was decided to divide its geographical area into three administrative zones.

They built the building in Almanzora and had granaries for collecting cereals, oil mills, housing areas and administrative areas, later taking advantage of the main building, as an ancestral home for the families of the Marquis of Villafranca and the Marquis of La Romana.

In the middle of the 19th century, the Palacio del Almanzora was acquired by Don Antonio Abellán Pañuelas, from Cuevas de Almanzora. In 1872 he was named Marquis becoming the first Marqués del Almanzora. This ordered to considerably expand the main building adding new dependencies and turning it into a palace, giving it the neoclassical air that was fashionable in the constructions of the time.

The Palace of the Almanzora consists of a main pavilion with two wings in square, that leave in the center a patio in honor. Both the main pavilion and the left wing, house the different rooms used for housing while the wing on the right is occupied by the chapel, which has entrance through the courtyard of honor, dispensing its rectangular floor perpendicular to the axis of the courtyard as well as the stables, the mill and other dependencies for services.

The external facade of the courtyard of honor is made of exposed brick, with white marble decoration, and in the center, a semicircular arch on pilasters framed by similar elements. A broken cornice lines its entire profile. In the center is the coat of arms of Abellán, which consists of a mantle that hangs the shield of Carlos III.

The interior of the Palacio del Almanzora that was entered through a door of solid carved wood was a large hall through which it was passed to the rest of the rooms. Some rooms retain many decorative elements such as painted skirting boards imitating the texture of the marble, cheerful colors on the walls and ceilings with different designs.

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