Monument to the Arriero is a work of the sculptor María Isabel García Oller in white marble from Macael, it represents the commercial and artisan past of the town.

This sculpture, 5 meters long by 2 wide, presides over the Plaza Nueva of the municipality and pays homage to the work and figure of the muleteers as one of the fundamental elements of the economic development of Albox.

The intention with this sculpture is to remember the people who in the past worked transporting various merchandise in carts, which were loaded mainly on the backs of donkeys or mules. The Albojense muleteer walked on foot in the middle of the mules, since one of his duties was to make sure that the animals complied with the marked route. For many years, the muleteers were fundamental in the local economy; a profession that required them to lead a totally nomadic or itinerant life.

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