At the foot of the Sierra de las Estancias and at the highest point of Urrácal is the Talavera Cross, a traditional symbol of the locality that trusts its good luck. It is a cross, formerly made of wood, each time a new one was changed so that it would continue protecting the town from the inclemencies of the weather and so on, auguring good harvests. It is currently made of wrought iron.

The last years, the Talavera cross is a point more accessible to the visitor due to the signaling of emitter PR-A 371 “La Escarihuela”. You can take this path from the Plaza de Urrácal and continue until the signposting up to about 350 meters. At this point, we will leave the signage of the shipment and ascend to the Cruz de Talavera. Once there, you can see the majestic image of the cross of the mountains, the impressions that are in the Valley, the Sierra de los Filabres with its most emblematic peaks and their numbers villages.

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