Like the wink he gave when he pressed that hard button on his camera, this space was born. Space that gives its wink to the figure of the Almeria photographer Pérez Siquier. It is about returning in another way, that precious treasure that he left us, his legacy.

Like his photograph, our gastronomic space aims to provide the client with a real experience, where gastronomy and culture are founded in a single figure. It is about reinterpreting the way of looking at the life of Pérez Siquier and taking it to the culinary section.

We are left with the way of looking at life, how to face it and bring light to each of the moments of it. As if it were a photograph. As in April 2018 he said: “I have yet to take the best photographs” at 87 years old, he shows us how it is never too late to continue improving. Intuitive and spontaneous.

Green salad with pickled partridge in citrus
Seasonal tomato salad with injected burrata and black olive soil
Pipirrana ‘El guiño’ with anchovies in vinegar and its rasp

Tuna tartare with soy yolk and spicy cod roe
Prime Friesian beef carpaccio with parmesan and foie

Serón duroc ham platter
Seronés cheese platter
Octopus with Iberian jowls, its concentrated juice and parsnip purée
Thai-style spider crab suquet au gratin
Stewed pork cheek fritters with its juice and green apple smoothie
Présoles al dentes with Iberian bacon, truffle purée, yolk and crispy wonton
Ingot of bravas potatoes ‘El guiño’
Croquettes ‘El wink’ (Depending on the week)

Galician blond cow burger with cheddar cheese, red onion with port wine and crispy Iberian bacon
Low-temperature lamb pita bread accompanied by pickled onion and yogurt sauce
Steak tartare brioche bread with sweet mustard and puffed rice

National beef entrecote 350g minimum 18 days of maturation
National veal steak 600g minimum 18 days of maturation
Iberian pen

Garrucha red prawn
Almadraba red tuna belly 200g

Rice poke with avocado, pickled red cabbage, edamame and tofu
Leek confit at low temperature with romescu sauce and pickled cream
Spiced lentil burger on glass bread, pickled onion and cardamom

Torrija the wink with sweet cream Ras el hanout
White chocolate and pistachio coulant with purple ice cream
surprise chocolate dome
cheese cake the wink


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 12:00 – 01:00
Friday and Saturday: 12:00 – 04:00
Sunday: 12:00 – 00:00

Address & Contact

Our Address

Plaza de la Cultura Nº1. Museo de Arte Almeriense , bajo. Olula del Rio (Almería)