The castle of Líjar is a construction of the 21st century. As in all constructions of a defensive nature, the material used is stone.

It is a building in the shape of a castle, located in the highest area of ​​the town.

While it is true that neither in the Book of Removals and Distribution, nor in the cadastre of the Marqués de la Ensenada do they appear reliable data of the existence of a Castle in Líjar, clear evidences such as Calle Castillo or Calle Torrecica are more than enough to its conjecture. In addition its exceptional location, on the edge of a precipice, whose height can exceed 100 meters, with a completely perpendicular cut and dominating the wide valley, its elevated position on top of a hill, is in itself a key defensive element.

Starting from its possible existence, the idea that originates the construction of this castle was none other than to boost the activity in the municipality, diversifying the economic sectors of Líjar, through the reconstruction, the enhancement of the environment and the creation of a tourist office and exhibition hall inside it, in addition to having a viewpoint from which you can see the entire town, its meadow and much of the mountains.

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