Visit to the Castle and Town of Serón

We will make a guided visit to the Castle of Serón, from the Nasrid period dating from the 13th century and played an important role in the Muslim period due to its defensive nature, serving as a refuge in the Moorish uprising.

We will visit the viewpoint to contemplate beautiful views of the Almanzora valley. We will visit the Church of the Assumption (17th century) and we will walk through the picturesque streets of the town.

Serón presents a pyramidal structure with narrow and winding streets that lead us to the highest part, which appears crowned by its Nasrid castle. Its whitewashed houses hang down the hillside creating a beautiful and picturesque landscape.


  • Up to 15 people: €10/person (Minimum €60)
  • More than 15 people: €5/person

Duration of activity:
2-3 hours

To hire this activity:

Serón Cultural Tourism  – 607 188 455

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