Guided Tour – Historical Route through Albox

Village located in the middle basin of the Almanzora River, it is surrounded by a rich agricultural environment. The most important monuments are the Parochial Church of Santa María (18th century); the Hermitage of San Antonio, the oldest building in the town; the Church of La Concepción (18th century), with striking paintings by the artist Andrés Ibañez; manor houses; etc .. But its most important architectural jewel is the Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Desamparados del Saliente (S.XVIII). A peculiar sanctuary, since it was designed to be Hermitage, episcopal palace and seminary of missionaries. One of the most important pilgrimage centers in southeast Spain, without a doubt.


  • From 4-10 people: €9/person (Minimum 4 people or €36)
  • From 11-15 people: €7/person
  • More than 15 people: €5/person

Activity duration: 3-4 hours

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