This route runs through three towns in the Almanzora Valley: Purchena, Serón and Oria, although it is well known that due to the numerous historical events of the Nasrid period, many other towns in the Almanzora Valley could be visited. The route begins in Purchena, capital of the kingdom established by the rebel Moorish Abén Humeya, where you will visit the remains of what was once its imposing Alcazaba, with its Torre del Agua, which constitutes a great engineering work. There will be a tour of its historic center, visiting the Church of San Ginés (S.XVI), the Hermitage of the Virgen del Carmen, outdoor sculptures and the Municipal Museum of Islamic Archaeology. You can also see a promotional video of the Aben Humeya Olympic Games, games that were organized at that time evoking the Arab-Andalusian culture. We continue our route through Serón, going through its narrow and steep streets, where we will visit the Castle (S.XIII), Clock Tower (S.XX), the Church of the Annunciation (S.XVII)…… We will eat in a restaurant area. And in the afternoon, Oria will be visited, another important point of this time, as witnessed by what was its great Alcazaba and its numerous Arab legacy. The visit is completed with its architectural heritage: its magnificent Baroque-style Basilica of the Virgen de las Mercedes, the Old Hermitage and the San Gregorio Hermitage.


DURATION: Morning and afternoon.
PRICES (lunch not included):

  • From 4-10 people: 15 €.
  • From 10-15 people: 13 €.
  • From 15 people: 11 €.
To hire this activity:

Almanzora Tour Life
Isabel Sola
677 472 479

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