Savor handmade sweets and cakes using recipes dating back more than 150 years. Discover how homemade sausages are made and how the Oria ham drying process is. Taste some exquisite homemade sausages. Visit a winery and discover how the grape becomes an excellent wine.

Visit La Polaca confectionery + tasting

The day will begin at La Polaca confectionery, founded in 1857, where they will get to know handmade sweets and cakes by the sixth generation of the founding confectioners who continue to use the usual recipes.

Visit El Parrita sausage factory and ham drying room + tasting.

Interpreted visit to learn about the process of making homemade sausages and drying Oria hams. At the end there will be a small tasting of homemade sausages.

Visit García Gil winery + tasting.

Visit a family winery and we will learn the process of making wine. At the end there will be a food-tasting.

  • Price of the activity: €15/person
  • Price for groups of more than 14 people: €11/person
  • Minimum to do the activity: €168. Maximum 20 people

The price includes

  • Sweet tasting.
  • Interpreted visit to the sausage factory + tasting.
  • Interpreted visit to the winery + tasting.
To hire this activity:

Almanzora Tour – Isabel Sola
677 472 479
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