Gastronomy in El Valle del Almanzora

Gastronomy in El Valle del Almanzora

The gastronomy of the Almanzora Valley constitutes a prominent element of the culture of these lands that for centuries had in the Andalusian cuisine a fundamental reference, not only for its importance as a source of nutrition and health but as a form of social relation and calm enjoyment of the Pleasures of good food. On the other hand, Christian civilization also integrated the basic elements of the Mediterranean diet. Both gastronomic cultures unite wisely and let the visitor enjoy a wide, delicious and healthy restorative offer.

Garlic, spices and garden products are basic ingredients for the preparation of the popular coriander crumbs, porridge, wheat pot, rabbit frit or typical potatoes face down. As for the desserts stand out the Easter rolls, the soups, the honey mantecados, the almaja, the fried milk or the bread of figs. It should not be forgotten that the basis of the Mediterranean diet is the olive oil produced and packaged in localities such as Albox, Arboleas, Tíjola, Serón or Urrácal. The ham is also a very characteristic delicacy in El Valle del Almanzora and, for example, that of Serón enjoys international prestige.
The slaughter of the pig is a basic element of the economy of the area but it is also a reason for meeting and celebration in which good gourmets can participate. If we prefer something sweeter, the wide offer of baked goods will make the delicacies of any demanding gourmet. And to accompany the sweets, mistela, typical drink that the visitor can taste in any bar or restaurant.

Among the succulent dishes of its gastronomy are foods based on flour, vegetables, legumes and products derived from the pig mainly. An example of its gastronomic variety are migas, porridge with broth, gurullos and all kinds of stews.

In its pastries, the egg and almond soups are highlighted, honey chocolates, wine rosquillos, aguardiente roscos, orange, almonds, sighs, alfajores of almonds, filled empanadillas, almond cake.

Other more typical of the area, such as hornazos (buns topped with an egg), quince meat, fig jam, mistela, sausages such as sausage, sausage, blanquillo or sausage made in Hijate, and preserves, Made with the products of his own garden, such as pepper and tomato.