• Route taken on 26MAR2016. 

  • Physical difficulty: Moderate 

  • Technical Difficulty: Moderate-Low 

  • Distance: 56 km

    The route is divided into two very different parts: the one that runs through the ramblas on the way out and around and the intermediate part along forest tracks, roads and local roads without traffic, sometimes paved, other simple dirt tracks in good condition. We start the route by the Rambla de Oria, in general you can move smoothly through compact terrain that facilitates pedaling. The climb is smooth but constant. When we reach the height of Los Jacintos we leave the ravine and begin to climb forest tracks in good condition with some stretches of greater difficulty to the highest point, the Oria Antennae where is also the geodesic vertex of Roza. (1317 m) . If already on the climb since we left the rambla I enjoyed the beautiful views, from the top of the antennas are impressive. The first part of the descent is fast and you have to be careful as there is a lot of loose stone and you can finish easily on the ground. It is advisable to check the pressure of the wheels, I had to wear it somewhat low and with some stone the camera gave me a pinch and I was pricked up and down In Los Cerricos there are a couple of bars, which is very good and there are no sources on the route so we can replace liquid and take something that gives us strength. We continue the way descending (with some small uphill section) accompanied by a pleasant landscape until we reach the Rambla del Saliente. In that, the firm is good and allows us to advance with good pace until we get back to Albox. Eye, in the whole route, there is hardly a stretch of shade when passing through a pine forest along the tracks going up towards the Oria Antenas.

  • More info: https://www.wikiloc.com/mountain-biking-trails/por-albox-rambla-de-oria-antenas-de-oria-los-cerricos-rambla-del-saliente-albox-12947445

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