Pottery-Museum Los Puntas and Barro Workshop

Albox has one of the oldest active workshops in the province of Almeria, “Alfasría Los Puntas”, located on Calle San Leonardo, its Arab kilns treasure 300 years of history, named by the Ministry of Tourism as “Point of Interest” Artisan of Andalusia “.

The pottery is set up as a small museum for visitors to know in an interpretive visit: tools, utensils and how was the potter’s work throughout history.

With the help of Luis Alfonso Fernández, the youngest of “Los Puntas”, the children will be able to enjoy a beautiful experience. Luis Alfonso conducts workshops to groups to learn how to make clay pots as it used to be. This workshop is ideal for children who will live a very special experience as they will feel like potters giving life to the clay with their own hands. (The workshops must be previously arranged by calling 679 882 888).

More information and contact: Los Puntas Pottery Museum – Luis Alfonso Fernández

To eat in Albox: Restaurant La Parrilla, La Cartagenera.

In the afternoon (except Sundays) children can have a good time in Chiquipark Albox.

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