Urrácal is one of those villages in the province of Almería that pleasantly surprises the traveller. Located in the heart of the Sierra de las Estancias, this municipality has an impressive natural environment that invites you to enjoy the tranquillity and beauty of the landscape.

Talavera Cross

On the highest point of Urrácal we find one of the greatest symbols of this village, the Cruz de Talavera. Its carving and elegance make it unique and the setting in which it is surrounded by vegetation and the views of the valley and the two Sierras: Filabres and Estancias, make it a must for anyone visiting this village. This cross was originally made of wood, but from time to time the materials are changed in order to bring good luck to the village by protecting it from meteorological accidents and to ensure good harvests.

Foto Cruz Urrácal


The Strait

One of the main attractions of Urrácal is the Estrecho which is formed in the Rambla Salada and which is located next to the village, creating a spectacular landscape of rocks and water. A rocky gorge that winds its way through the mountains and is ideal for hikers and nature lovers. The gorge can be crossed on foot along a trail that runs along the river, which must be negotiated at various points and which allows you to admire the flora and fauna of the area.


The public laundry

Another point of interest in Urrácal is the public washing place, a 20th century building that is still in perfect condition and which shows what daily life was like for the women of the village decades ago. The washhouse has a circular structure with stone benches and marble basins. The washhouse can be visited freely and is an ideal place to cool off and rest.


Parish Church of Santa María

Built in the 16th century and with a capacity for 1300 people, the parish church of Santa María is a building of great beauty that combines different architectural styles. The building is located in the heart of the village and is one of the most emblematic places in Urrácal. The church of Santa María also has a choir loft above the main entrance, which provides a panoramic view of the interior of the church. The bell tower is a prominent feature of the building and can be seen from any point in the village. The parish church is known throughout the Almanzora Valley as the place of worship of San Blas.


Viewpoint of La Cerrá

Finally, don’t miss the Cerrá viewpoint, a natural balcony from which you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of some of the villages and the valley. The viewpoint invites you to enjoy the landscape in peace and quiet and appreciate the great impact offered by its enormous ravines.


Urrácal is a village that surprises and enchants everyone who visits it. Its combination of history, culture and nature make it a perfect getaway from stress and a perfect place to connect with nature and traditions. What are you waiting for to discover the secret of the cross of Talavera?

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