Las Menas Mining Town is an old mining town nestled in the Sierra de los Filabres belonging to the municipality of Serón. Iron was extracted from this place from the end of the 18th century until 1968. Up to 2,900 people came to work in everything related to mining activity.

Within Las Menas Mining Town, you can see multiple important buildings of the time, some of them have been completely restored, although they have been used for another use, such as camping or hotel (it is currently closed); others are currently being restored; we talked about the houses of the Director of the mines and the Sub-directors; and many others are just as they were after the emigration of the inhabitants after the closure of the mines. Las Menas had a hospital, bullring and soccer field.

From the main square next to the campsite, the Las Menas Local Trail starts, which is perfectly signposted and you can even find many information panels. A route of approximately 7 km that you can do in 2:30h. It is not very difficult and the maximum drop is 176m. We start going up from the Camping in a southerly direction to access the mountain that is located in front of the Camping. A smooth route that goes up to the highest level (1600m). The views of the town are spectacular.

Advancing we reach a viewpoint where we can admire the different ravines that make up the Menas environment. Following the path we go down the mountain passing by the Hermitage of Santa Bárbara and reaching the river (without water). We will go up the riverbed until it begins to wind its way up the mountain. When we reach the first buildings we go back down and go around the slope to go up another ravine. We cross several bridges, several mines and arrive at the ruins of the old workshops. We are back in the town and we can spend a little time walking around the buildings.

The Menas complex has a Camping Site, Caravan Area, Wooden Cabins and Mesón Restaurant. Camping Las Menas.

We hope you enjoy this trail as we have!!


If you want to follow the path from Wikiloc, we leave you the same track that we follow from Juan A. Pozo.


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