Today we are going to do an excursion to spend a magnificent and unforgettable day in Tíjola. First we will take a tour of the streets of Tíjola, then we will move around the old train station and end up visiting the Cela’s hot springs raft.


We are going to do this first part of the excursion on foot, as they say, we are going to tour the town to get to know its streets and some of the most important elements for the people of Tijol.

We suggest you leave your car in Calle Huertas de la Polaca or nearby to start your walk in the square of the town hall of Tíjola, a small main square. We will cross one of its two upper streets towards the Virgen del Socorro highway, the town’s main artery. We will look for Matas street, we will go up that small slope and we will turn left onto Alta San Cayetano street that leads us to the Hermitage of La Virgen de Fátima. This hermitage from the 17th century houses the virgin who, in her honor, every May 13th, the residents of the neighborhood decorate their streets with colored sawdust, an authentic spectacle not to be missed in May.

We will leave the Hermitage and continue along Baja San Cayetano street up and to the left we will cross Reduan street then Puntal street we will access Mount Calvario from where we will enjoy beautiful views of the town.

Then we will go down Calle San Sebastián passing by the Hermitage of San Sebastián (16th century). We continue down the street and pass in front of the 17th century Church of Santa María. We will continue along the Plaza Reyes Católicos turning left onto Calle Maura and we will continue straight ahead until we reach the Hermitage of La Virgen del Socorro built in the 16th century in honor of the patron saint of Tíjola.

If you want to take a longer tour, we suggest that you go from the Hermitage along the Virgen del Socorro path straight to the East until the end of the street where there are stairs to go up to the “Saint“, a sculpture with a small viewpoint and then return to the Hermitage. Later we will finish the visit walking the path of the Virgen del Socorro in a westerly direction, at the height of the fountain of the lions is the access to Calle Real that will take us to where we began the visit, the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.


With our car we barely traveled one kilometer towards the surroundings of the old Tíjola railroad station. We can take a walk through the station facilities, as if it were an open-air museum, where many elements that were formerly basic for the operation of the trains on this track are still preserved, you can even see a locomotive that circulated along this route more than fifty years ago and is very well preserved. Another plan could be a short excursion along the Almanzora greenway that crosses this station and is perfectly restored for hiking or for lovers of cycling routes.


Last but not least, we take the car again and after a couple of kilometers we arrive at the Cela Raft, a natural hot spring that is kept at 22-24º all year round and was already known in the days of the romans.

A short walk around the raft will be the perfect climax to today’s excursion.

ATTENTION! If you are a lover of hiking, we suggest this route from Tíjola:

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