If you’re a photography enthusiast looking for amazing places to capture breathtaking images, then the Partaloa Plunge and the Ciscarico Narrows are not to be missed. Both places are natural wonders that will leave you speechless and give you the opportunity to capture incredible photos.


The Desplomes

The Desplomes are located next to the village of Partaloa (Almería). It is a unique geological formation, the result of water and wind erosion over thousands of years. The area is made up of a series of large rock pillars that rise up towards the sky, creating an impressive landscape that seems to have been taken from another world.

If you are a lover of landscape photography, then the Partaloa Plummets are the perfect place for you. Here you can capture spectacular images of sunrise and sunset, with the rock pillars illuminated by the golden light of the sun. Also, if you enter the area at night, you will be able to take amazing photographs of the Milky Way in all its glory due to its low light pollution.


Ciscaro Straits

The Ciscarico Straits are known for their rock walls and abundant vegetation. If you are a lover of landscape photography, then you will love this place. You will be able to capture breathtaking images of the vegetation and unique rock formations found in the area. Because the different erosion has created corridors surrounded by stone walls that ascend vertically creating a special place for humans to pass through.

In short, Partaloa is a town where your mind will be accompanied at all times by the fantasy that its landscapes give us. Due to the power of erosion in this territory, it will be easy to capture an authentic photo of the power of nature accompanied by a unique landscape, due to the little pollution and exploitation of the human being. If you have the opportunity to visit this village, don’t hesitate to take your camera with you and explore the streets and surroundings to discover these places and details that will make your photos special and unique.

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