"El Gurullo"

Technical Data

  • Route: Circular
  • Length: 6km and 600m
  • Difficulty: Low
  • Estimated time: 2 hours


This route runs along the northern slopes of the Sierra de los Filabres. It starts at the Rambla de Almería, next to the football pitch and passes through the area known as “El Gurullo”. Following the marked indications we begin to walk along the Rambla, the slope becoming steeper as we go upwards. In this enclave we can contemplate the riverside vegetation: eucalyptus, pines, prickly pears, tamarisks and from time to time some holm oaks.

Once the ascent is complete, we reach the asphalt: to the right “La Silveria” (a recreational area located 8 kilometres from Purchena) and to the left our route, which at this point begins to descend.
The landscape is full of pine trees and if you walk in silence it is possible to see some squirrels and countless butterflies (especially in spring).

After walking a kilometre from the previous point, we reach the crossroads of Gevas; here, the route is crossed by Route 4; it is advisable to take a detour and visit this spot (Gevas), as there is a centenary olive grove and a drinking water fountain in this place.

Continuing along the path we reach the village’s water supply tank and follow the path to the left to descend and observe the panoramic view of Purchena. The route ends at the sports complex: Ciudad Deportiva de los Juegos Moriscos de Purchena, the rural accommodation and the football pitch, the place where it began.

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