Located in the shade of Sierra de Filabres in the municipality of Purchena, the main mountain massif of Almeria and one of the largest in Andalusia, which extends from East to West with an approximate area of ​​150,000 hectares and an average height of 1,500 m, with its highest point in Calar Alto (2,168 m). Geologically it is framed within the internal zone of the Bética Mountain Ranges, forming the main dividing barrier that separates the two most important hydrographic basins of the province: that of the Andarax and Almanzora rivers.

From this viewpoint there are ample views of the Almanzora valley, located between the Sierras de Filabres, Estancias and Lúcar.

This valley has always been a frontier zone and the oldest known route that linked the Mediterranean with the Guadalquivir valley and as a result of that border situation are today divided by the region, remains of walls, cisterns and watchtowers, silent witnesses of the different civilizations that occupied these lands throughout history.

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