The sculpture “Transmutation” was made by the Mexican sculptor Mr. Jorge Elizondo, an artist of recognized international prestige and belongs to a series that the author calls Frágil. According to the sculptor: “it is a work that speaks of the process that human beings undergo when we apply ourselves to culture, to the reality in which we live”, that is, when we cultivate ourselves.

Transmutation is the action of changing or transforming a person or thing, for example the transmutation of some cells into others, it is a natural phenomenon that occurs between the atoms of radioactive bodies, although it can also be produced artificially as alchemists or physico-chemists do with nuclear energy.

A semicircular arch communicates the coarsest part, the one that has the texture of a disc cut with pieces of natural living stone, with the most elaborate part in which it appears as a folded, folded and carved cloth. The disorderly, chaotic part enters through the arch and changes, transforms, appears on the other side with the order and harmony of a garment already woven and manufactured.

If we want a better world, we must protect and promote culture and the arts because they unite us, they feed our soul and spirit with stillness and inner peace.

This text is part of an article written by Luis Ramos in 2017.

Those interested in more information about the artist Jorge Elizondo, can visit his website.

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