La Piedra Labrá or Piedra de Los Moros, is a prehistoric archaeological-monumental complex, considered as the first human vestige of the history of Chercos. It dates from the second millennium before Christ.

Located on the road that joins the two towns, Checos Viejo (old town built to lime and song, anchored in time) and New Chercos (modern town, well of progress).

It is a question of rocks stranded in the earth in which rock engravings of great cultural interest appear, the most common representations, of schematic type, they are indaliformes, armed warriors, riders, cars or tectrices, domestic and wild cattle, stars, horseshoes and other objects. The outstanding distribution in space and its promising enclave in the landscape leads one to think of its use as an altar.

The image of the Indala has recently been discovered on the stone, it is an indalo in the form of gestation invoking the energy of the cosmos represented by a 6-pointed star. The Indalo has traditionally been considered a symbol of fertility for the land and its people.

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