Welcome to Conservas de Suflí, a family business dedicated to the artisan manufacture of vegetable preserves.
We offer you our totally handmade products based on top quality raw materials where we mainly work with tomato and pepper.

“Specializing in a single product makes us the best at it”

All our products are made from two raw materials such as tomato and pepper. Our products are made entirely by hand and do not contain any type of preservative, coloring, or additive. Where the tomato is peeled and cooked with firewood and the pepper roasted over charcoal.

If you want to know a little more about us or purchase any of our different products, do not hesitate and take a look around the corners of our website, where you will find an extensive menu where we offer you, among others, our own online store, as well as more information. wide of our company.


Address & Contact

Our Address

Avd. Purchena nº11, 04878 Suflí, Almería