The province of Almería, once unknown and forgotten, is emerging strongly on the commercial and industrial level by the multiplication of family businesses, as is the case of Embutidos los Remedios. Located in Serón, a picturesque village on the north slope of the Sierra de los Filabres. There in 1985, the daughters of an honest and industrious family with their husbands and children, decided to form a company, the vital principle of this adventure being their mother, who prudently observed the commercial future, and the father known affectionately as “Juanitín“, who watched morally, physically and orientatively for the company, since he knew the techniques of work.

Subsequently, this knowledge of elaboration and techniques has passed to the next generation, the children of both families, who work together with their parents, great teachers and professionals, thus ensuring that Embutidos los Remedios will continue to manufacture its products with the same quality, providing new ideas to the company and betting on new technologies, an example of this is our Online Store and website,

  • Serón has been producing meat products since the 16th century, thus providing the inhabitants of the region and especially our family with a unique experience in the process of making and making our sausages and hams.
  • In Serón, among other reasons, there are optimal climatic conditions: cold, heat, humidity … to dry our products naturally, also thanks to the varied flora of the haughty and extensive sierra the aroma is filtered in our hams and sausages.

The Factory of Sausages the Remedies

  • He has managed to assimilate the experience of past generations, from the weather and the breeze of our mountain range, to select the best material to traditionally elaborate with a unique quality and flavor.
  • We are a company in full growth and expansion thanks to our quality, commitment and our products with the best service, are increasingly our customers and friends who buy our sausages and hams, so we have decided to create a portal on the Internet, so that any person can taste our products with the minimum effort anywhere in Spain.

We invite you to visit Serón and if you cross the street with people with energy, decision and overflowing with vitality, it is because you consume food and products from our store, Nuestra Señora de los Remedios. Try, we assure you that you will not be disappointed.

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