Sausages and Hams Peña-Cruz. Manufacture and preparation of home-made sausages and hams, in a natural and artisanal way.

Sausages and Hams Peña-Cruz
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Over the years and generation after generation, our company has been able to combine new technologies and traditional knowledge -experience-, thus achieving to stay in this demanding market, and always safeguarding the same aroma and flavor in all our products. The manufacturing process differs little from what our families and friends used to carry out the traditional slaughter, something that makes our products maintain that homemade and traditional flavor.

This, of course, would be impossible to achieve without this totally natural process, and a raw material specially selected and elaborated by expert experts;

Combining our know-how and our select raw materials, we create all the products that our customers enjoy daily. To all our customers, thanks for the trust placed in our product.

Our maxim is the quality EMBUTIDOS PEÑA CRUZ, tradition and flavor … of all the life.

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Calle Huerta, 9 Seron - Almería