Balsa de Cela is a spring of thermal waters located 3.5 km from Tíjola in a northerly direction, on the border with the municipality of Lúcar, and at an altitude above sea level of 720 meters. The waters emerge naturally with a constant flow of 42 liters per second and a temperature that is maintained at different times of the year between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius. Already in Roman times there was reference to the richness of the thermal waters of the then Tagilitana Republic (current Tíjola).

The waters of the Balsa de Cela have medicinal properties for different types of diseases. The Fuente de Cela waters a rich fertile plain and its waters are distributed among the municipalities of Tíjola, Lúcar and Armuña. Traditionally it has served as a cattle trough.

The reservoir-shaped reservoir formed at birth is known as Balsa de Cela, and is divided in half by the boundary between the municipalities of Tíjola and Lúcar. It has dimensions of 50×50 m and a depth ranging from 50 cm to 2 m. It has undergone several improvements and extensions, the last one in 1996. It has been the preferred place for bathing by the inhabitants of Tíjola and the region, and it has become an important point of tourist confluence during the summer months.

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