The Church of Santa María is one of the most famous artistic treasures of the municipality of Urrácal. It has an irregular floor plan with a central nave and two lateral ones with six chapels dedicated to San José, image of the school of Salzillo, Las Ánimas, La Virgen del Rosario, San Antonio – Our Lady of Fátima – Santa Teersa, Our Lady of Sorrows and Our Father Jesus.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus presides over the High Altar, accompanied on both sides by the images of the Risen Jesus and the Immaculate. If we look up, we find an elliptical vault that externally appears as a body of octagonal lights and inside we can see eight glass windows and a magnificent pictorial decoration. At the entrance, we distinguish the choir and the grandstand with an oval roof where his paintings stand out. And on the right, the Baptistery, with a stack of marble located in the center and a stained glass window.

The parish of Santa Mría dates from the 16th century. According to the measurement method of Ventura Rodríguez, the extension of this temple is able to accommodate almost 1300 people. In its façade we appreciate a single bell tower and the base of another with the previous idea of ​​being able to build it in the future. Majestic, stately and solemn, the parish of Santa María is known throughout the Almanzora Valley as a place of worship for our patron saint San Blas, in which his onomastics is celebrated every February 3 and where his relocation resides.

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