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The Parochial Church of Santa María de Tíjola is a beautiful construction that dates back to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The construction is typical of a Franciscan type church. It is a nave with a straight head and because if it is scratched under the layers of whitewash that whitewash its walls, you can find traces of pictorial decoration of red and black watermarks, typical of the decoration of the churches of this order. This has been discovered in the Chapel of the Dolores since inside the dressing room there are landslides of paint and the hidden colors are coming out after the layer of lime.

As for the plant of the Parochial Church of Santa María, it can be said that it is a straight-fronted nave. So that the presbytery is a rectangular plant, being covered with a vault of edges remaining thus slightly elevated on the body itself of the temple, towards which it opens with a triumphal arch thus providing a great light. The cover of the church is an armor to file a refrain, the decoration is concentrated in the almizate. At the foot of the nave is arranged as in most churches of his time the choir area which is supported by two large beams, which rest on footings. The original nave is going to be attached due to the patronage of noble families in the area a series of chapels which give the feeling of being side aisles. On the other hand, in the area of ​​the Gospel, a series of chapels are opened, communicating by means of semicircular arches.


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