The Old Railway Station of Zurgena is located in the neighborhood of La Alfoquía in the town of Zurgena. It was inaugurated on March 28, 1885 and closed on January 1, 1985.

There were three types of trains: the fruit carrier, the mail and the mineral:

The fruit bowl was a freight train carrying a third-class carriage with wooden seats. Every morning I left Zurgena and returned at dusk.

The mail was the train responsible for the distribution of correspondence. At the Zurgena station correspondence was distributed to impatient companies and individuals. Daily two couriers circulated: the one of Alicante-Granada in the morning and the Granada-Alicante in the afternoon.

The mineral also called “Yankis” because it was manufactured in the USA, was the train that transported iron ore from the loading docks of Serón and Los Canos, to El Hornillo in Águilas. From the existing mines in the municipality of Lubrin, iron ore trucks arrived at the Zurgena Station. They would put the goods on the ground, at the foot of the train, and a large number of people would load them in the wagons. The workers had as sole tools of work baskets of esparto and rakes.

There are different tools of the railway that are still preserved as the sentry box, which served as shelter for the fencer (person who operated the needle). The needle: lever that made two rails move in order to guide the train from one track to another.

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