It was built between the years 1874 and 1878.

The “Virgencica del Calvario” is housed in it.

The fact of building the Hermitage in that place is justified because the “Virgencica” appeared to a shepherd on the Calvary mound. At the door of the Hermitage there is a plaque in which mention is made of the restoration that it underwent in the 90s, thus thanking all the participants in said rehabilitation. In addition to this plaque, above the door is an inscription in which it says: “Virgencica del Calvario 1898-1998”. Inside, on the altar, there is a carving of the “Virgencica del Calvario”, on one side of it a carving of the Lord and on the other side the Tabernacle. The nave is naturally illuminated by two large windows, located at the height of the altar. The dimensions of the Hermitage are not very extensive, so it only has five rows of benches on each side. On the last Sunday of each month a mass is held at the Hermitage.

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