The Greenway of the Almanzora, whose first steps for its transformation into the Greenway are already underway on the Guadix-Almendricos railway line (Granada-Murcia), this line was built to give a quick outlet to the ore that housed the area. Its exploitation began between 1906 and 1907 by several companies with English capital, until at the end of the last century it passed into the hands of the Spanish capital.

In its day it was called Ferrocarril del Almanzora the railroad that linked the cities of Murcia and Granada. It was inaugurated in 1885. The main goods transported were esparto, iron ore and marble from the nearby Macael quarries.

The transport of the ore from the mines to the railroad was done by laying overhead cables that transported the iron ore to the Los Zoilos and Los Canos loading bays. On January 1, 1985, traffic was closed between the town of Guadix in Granada and the Murcia de Almendricos (Lorca), while the rest of the line continued in use.

The municipalities of Serón, Fines, Cantoria and Olula del Río have carried out refurbishment projects in the sections of this same line that runs through their municipal boundaries. In this way, it is intended to complete a large greenway in the Almanzora valley, with the idea of ​​creating an ideal road for cycling and walking, suitable for all types of users, including those with reduced mobility.

This track route of Cantoria is completely rehabilitated and has a large boulevard, in the old station the offices of the Almanzora Rural Development Center (PRODER) are located. It was the first stretch of road to be rehabilitated.

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