The Church of Santa María was built in the sixteenth century. Its owner is Santa María and with devotion to the Virgin of Carmen, who had hermitage and brotherhood since the sixteenth century. It is located on the main street of Lúcar, called Calle Marín de Poveda.

The armor of the Church of Santa María is of Mudejar art and belongs to the general type, within the numerous Mudejar churches of the region. They emphasize the great width of rectangular basilical plant where a Mudejar armor inscribes in good state of conservation without alterations with the time of its original structure. Of simple decoration it has several chapels to the sides with forms from rectangular to trapezoidal.

The Church of Santa María is crossed with hemispherical vaults, elliptical with lanterns and which are separated from each other by arches fajones; They are built after the rebellion of the Moors in 1573 and finished in the Baroque era. Highlight the chapel of the Virgen de los Dolores, Renaissance period.

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