The history of this Church is recent. Initially there was a small hermitage. This mini-temple had no shelter capacity for the population, and before the unanimous desire of the people of Chercos the construction of a larger and more comfortable Church for all its faithful takes place.

The Church of San Lorenzo is a modern building, rectangular in shape, with three facades and a dividing wall; two doors on the south and east facades; three windows on the north facade and two on the south facade; seven portholes; the exposed wood roof ends with a curved, straw-colored Arab tile; the bell tower on the east facade. The altar rests on two salominal columns with Corinthian capitals and a grooved shaft that twists around the column, resting on a base that plucks a small marble platform that rises above the plan of the presbytery. Under the altar, unidentified relics have been placed that were kept in the church as part of the altar in which the mass has been celebrated for centuries.

It lodges the images of San Lorenzo and the Virgin of Fátima, as well as others of great sentimental relevance for all the inhabitants of Chercos.

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