The Church of San Ginés, is located in the street Church s/n. It was erected in the place where the old Muslim mosque was and came to replace another consecrated one from 1505, to Our Lady of the Incarnation, which probably could have been located in the hill of the Castle.

Its construction began around 1550 by the architect Juan de Orea, and did not end until the immediate dates of the rebellion of the Moors. Its style is Renaissance with notorious influences of the Mudejar Granada. It consists of three naves separated by two arcades that are supported by stone columns of oval section.

The Church of San Ginés, has three chapels of the eighteenth century, one dedicated to the Virgin of Carmen, another to the Dolores and another to the Rosario. Externally it is built of regular ashlars and has a square tower. The roof is a pair and knuckle armor, with double braces decorated with eight-pointed stars and alfardones, which is repeated in the guards of the two friezes and in the almizabe, which creates octagonal polygons to which are added pineapples.

It has three coats of arms, the oldest is that of Fray Diego Fernández de Villalán, who appears on the main facade, in whose episcopate the church was built. On the door we find the shield of the Corrionero bishop, who was the one who restored the Church in 1569. The last shield is of family character located on the entrance arch to the Chapel of Dolores. It has a Major Altarpiece recently rebuilt, and the old Sagrario dating back to 1792 that was lost during the Civil War has been recovered.

In 1983 the Church of San Ginés was declared a historic-artistic monument by the Junta de Andalucía, and published in the BOE on May 27, and this favored its restoration, which began in 1989 and ended in 1991. Inside it They have discovered and restored some important frescoes.

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