The Charcón del Buey

The Laroya River is a special and charismatic river that is part of the tributaries of the Almanzora River. Crossing the town to which it owes its name, it constitutes the main reason why Laroya has a special character, an orography and a landscape very different from the rest of the region. At more than 800 m of altitude, this river has been built by digging its channel in the rock. This source of life almost foreign to the times of abundance and drought, has the vocation of not leaving at any moment to provide the neighbors of the town with that fundamental element such as water. With the great protagonism that counts in the population, its channel is winding through a network of irrigation ditches and rafts dating from the ninth and tenth centuries, and that take advantage of the waterfalls that are generated in it for the construction of mills and even a tejera where bricks were built.

That orographic hole on which the Laroya River has taken its toll is located in a privileged environment that has favored the development of waterfalls and waterfalls along the course of the river. This is the case of the Charcón del Buey, an idyllic and peaceful place, worthy of a fairy tale, where there is a waterfall in the form of a waterfall of more than ten meters. Changing colors with each season, ranging from the yellow and reddish autumn, to the green and colorful spring, will delight the stroller. It has a signposted path with security fence so that large and small can enjoy its magnificent views. A great place to practice adventure sports, such as climbing, rappelling, climbing with a fist, etc.

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