The Castle of Bacares has been recently restored, consolidating and strengthening the ruins, improving access and creating walkways and lookouts to visit and enjoy.

About its origin, there are authors who classify it as Roman, others as Berber and others as Nazari. It is documented that in 1506 it was restored by Gutiérrez de Cárdenas. It is small in size with a total of seven dependencies.

Of irregular plant and built with masonry walls arranged in flat rows and united by means of mortar for the low zones, and tapial for the high ones. Inside the Castle of Bacares, on one of its sides, there is a well that is conserved, as well as a small courtyard around which the rooms of which the foundations and part of the interior walls of the the same. The rock in which it is located is a strategic point from which you can see the two neighborhoods that make up Bacares, as well as the most important landmarks and points of the whole town: the Church, the Upper District, the Bridge, the rivers, the Centennial Noguera, the Fuente Grande, the San Juan Fountain and its large poplar, etc.

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