The Alcazaba de Purchena, began to be built in the year 888, by the Marines of the Federative State of Pechina, and reached its maximum splendor in the Nasrid era. The last Muslim warden of the castle, Ibrahim Abenedir, proudly defended the city, without selling it to the kings, as did others of his peers.

There are hardly any remains of the Alcazaba de Purchena, in which Aben Humeya took refuge with his troops. Today there are only remains of houses, a cistern, a bath, the wall and a tower, known as Torre del Agua, which is a magnificent work of hydraulic engineering, since in its interior it has a reservoir of drinking water, which made of the town an almost impregnable place.

Originally this tower had more than thirteen meters of height, but today only half of the structure is conserved, in spite of the restoration made in 1997. There are also remains of funeral constructions from the Bronze Age, almost disappeared, there are only a few vestiges. In the area called the Watchtower, in the vicinity of the town, stood a lookout tower also from the Nasrid period.

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