The Almanzora Valley keeps a treasure: OLIVE VIRGIN OIL. The long days of light and heat of the Valley of Almanzora, so hard for man, are nevertheless the origin of an extra viren olive oil especially fruity and fresh, exquisite to the palate …

OIL VALLE DEL ALMANZORA is the juice of our land, the Valley of Almanzora, where the olives enclose that treasure, but it is also the result of the rigor in the elaboration of the extra virgin olive oil, the selection of the olives and their grinding Under the most demanding quality parameters, always seeking the excellence of olive oil.

THE OIL VALLE DEL ALMANZORA. More than a hundred years back in the production of olive oil. In this family business, generation after generation, for more than a century, year after year … harvest after harvest … we have extracted that treasure to the olives of our land, our virgin olive oil. We have ground the olive always looking for the highest quality. Now, after four generations of a family of oil mills, first in the old mill of curlers, then in the presses and today with the most advanced technology in the extraction of oil by the exclusively mechanical procedures, we can assure that ACEITE VALLE DEL ALMANZORA is the TREASURE of our land.

Our history and this land, with its olive trees and its climate; And the good work in the manufacture of the oil of this family company, are recognized in the culture of olive oil and in the world of the restoration, where OIL VALLE DEL ALMANZORA is synonymous of Rigor, Quality and Prestige

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