Start: April 9, 2023
11:00 am
End: April 9, 2023
2:00 pm

On the afternoon of Glory Saturday, the young Urraqueños gather to go collect dry brush to prepare for “the burning of Judas” on Easter Sunday. They cut a poplar, remove all the branches and move it to the center of the town square, where if we go any day of the year, we will see a chest, a sign that the poplar is “planted” there on Glory Saturday.

During the evening-night, they “dress” the stick with rockets and weeds. They make a doll, made with several very long sticks, which is covered with old rags, esparto grass and other objects, where rockets and firecrackers are placed to make the moment of being burned more spectacular. This doll is placed in the top of the poplar and represents “Judas”. At midnight, just after the Resurrection Mass, it is a tradition to go see a small firecracker and then cheer and/or help raise the pole. Difficult, dangerous, attractive task the more for the visitor and its locals. Once the stick is raised, the applause and joy break. Afterwards, the boys make a hut around the pole, with the branches that they previously removed, and there they will remain all night guarding the pole, until Sunday morning, after the Eucharistic celebration and the procession through the streets of the town. of the Risen Christ, the young people who participate in the elaboration of the “Judas”, pass their hats around to the people who wait to see the show, the person who donates the most money, is the one who takes all the firewood used for this event (! securing firewood for the coming winter!). Finally, the branches of the hut are removed and the “Judas” is burned.

Centennial tradition.

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