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In the place of La Hojilla it rises gracefully, dominating the lands that surround it, the lookout tower of Cantoria, popularly known as the Torrela de Cantoria La Perula. According to Madoz, in the jurisdiction of Cantoria, there is a tower of Moors called “Perula”, it may be that said tower corresponds to the current one.

From the main road, between kilometers 63 and 64 before entering the village of Cantoria, a dirt road leads to the tower. The Turret of Cantoria La Perula is cylindrical, with a slight widening at its base, built of masonry, with four openings in its upper part and topped with battlements. Three windows are conserved, one in the shape of a loophole and two others lintelled, possibly a fourth one disappeared today.

La Torreta de Cantoria La Perula is internally hollow, but on the walls you can see the traces of the previous existence of roofs that divided it into a total of three floors, topped by a terrace with a sill. The first two floors were closed, vain only in the third. Each of the windows is placed on axis and with the same structure, they only vary to the exterior. These are arched windows, dug into the wall and located almost at ground level.

The whole complex is in a very poor state of preservation, however, most of its walls are still standing, although the coronation is destroyed.


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