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Cantoria could be a small fortified city (you can still rebuild the fortified perimeter), its fence is masonry and extends even in the north, difficult to access. The most visible part, with four bastions separated between ten and fifteen meters, is the southern slope. It has still not been possible to locate the access door and the houses that probably exceeded the protection of the enclosure, although all the data point to the southeast slope, we must not rule out the presence, important, of houses inside the fortress. The slope facing the river is inaccessible and offers an impressive appearance. The tower of the Torrobra is in ruinous condition. Still can not verify if there was a relationship by extending the wall between the two facilities.

The chronology of the fortress can not be specified. A hypothesis, once discarded the nazarí authorship, is placed around the tenth and eleventh centuries. It had an important garrison of avant-garde militias, and had the responsibility of controlling the Middle Almanzora. From the castle directly controlled all the agricultural land of the payment of Cantoria, the most important, the ravine of Capana and that of Torrobra, which surround the castle. On the slopes of the castle there are agricultural works terraced terrain. As well as a cortijo (of later time), a well and an era.


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